Platinum BlogPython eats away at R: Top Software for Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning in 2018: Trends and Analysis

Python continues to eat away at R, RapidMiner gains, SQL is steady, Tensorflow advances pulling along Keras, Hadoop drops, Data Science platforms consolidate, and more.

Regional Participation

The participation by region was:
  • Europe, 37.5%
  • US/Canada, 36.6%
  • Asia, 11.7%
  • Latin America, 6.6%
  • Africa/Middle East, 4.5%
  • Australia/NZ, 3.1%
Compared to 2017, the main change is a higher participation from Europe (up from 35.5%), and lower from US/Canada (down from 41.5%).

Full Results and 3-year trends

The following table shows the poll results in detail

KDnuggets 2018 Poll: What Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning software you used in the past 12 months for a real project?
Tool (number of voters in 2018) % voters in 2018
% voters in 2017
% voters in 2016
Python (1347)
RapidMiner (1081)
R (996)
SQL (813)
Excel (803)
Anaconda (686)
Tensorflow (614)
Tableau (542)
scikit-learn (500)
Keras (456) na
Apache Spark (442)
Java (309)
Microsoft SQL Server (283)
PyCharm (276) na
Microsoft Power BI (257)
KNIME (252)
Spark SQL (240) na
Weka (233)
Hadoop: Open Source Tools (225)
SQL on Hadoop tools (209)
MATLAB (191)
Unix shell/awk/gawk (188)
Other free analytics/data mining tools (170)
IBM SPSS Statistics (164)
Other programming and data languages (142)
C/C++ (140)
PyTorch (132) na
Dataiku (130) (126)
Scala (121)
Hadoop: Commercial Tools (116) na
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (113)
SAS Base (112)
IBM SPSS Modeler (100)
Theano (100)
Other Deep Learning Tools (100)
SAS Enterprise Miner (89)
QlikView (89)
Orange (85)
Alteryx (83)
MLlib (77)
DeepLearning4J (69)
Amazon Machine Learning (67)
IBM Watson / Watson Analytics (64)
TIBCO Spotfire (63)
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (Prev. CNTK) (62)
Other paid analytics/data mining/data science software (50)
Gnu Octave (44)
Teradata (44) na
Microsoft Machine Learning Server (former R Server) (43) na
Rattle (41)
Minitab/Salford Systems (36)
JMP (35)
MicroStrategy (35)
Pentaho (33)
Mathematica (32)
Apache MXnet (31)
Stata (31)
Caffe (30)
IBM Cognos (30)
IBM Data Science Experience (29) na
SAP Analytics/Predictive Analytics (28)
Microsoft other ML/Data Science tools (27)
Solver (former XLMiner) (27)
DataRobot (26)
TIBCO Statistica (26)
Databricks Unified Analytics Platform (25) na
Caffe2 (24) na
TFLearn (23) na
Perl (21)
Oracle Advanced Analytics (21)
C4.5/C5.0/See5 (20)
Torch (20)
BigML (18)
Julia (14) (12) na
BayesiaLab (12)
Vowpal Wabbit (9)
Lasagne (7) na
RapidInsight/Veera (7)
Angoss/Datawatch (6)
Lisp (6)
Clojure (4)
Domino Data Labs (3) na
F# (3)
Ontotext GraphDB (3)

Here are the results of the previous KDnuggets Polls on Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science Software:

Jean-Francois Puget, @JFPuget :
I am a bit disappointed that latest @kdnuggets poll does not include anyway to indicate use of XGBoost or other gradient boosted machines. This is missing a real trend in #MachineLearning.

Miyuru, WSO2 Stream Processor WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source, scalable, and feature rich stream processing platform currently used by many enterprises worldwide. It can ingest data from Kafka, HTTP requests, message brokers and you can query data stream using "Streaming SQL" language. With just two commodity servers it can provide high availability and can handle 100K+ TPS throughput. It can scale up to millions of TPS on top of Kafka. WSO2 Stream Processor has been built using Siddhi library which performs both Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing. See,

Naveen Goud Bobburi,
RStudio is also not in the list which i use daily