Drexel Online MS in Data Science

With emphasis Data Science and algorithm creation skills, you’ll graduate workplace-ready by having experience with the industry leading technology.

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Data Science

Earn Your Master’s in Data Science

Drexel’s new online MS in Data Science is the degree that launched a thousand opportunities. With an emphasis on skills like data mining and algorithm creation, you’ll graduate workplace-ready by having experience with some of the industry’s leading technology. And, because the online program takes a comprehensive approach to working with data, you will be able to take your skills and apply them to the field of your choice.

Program Features:

  • Focuses on:
    • manipulating and summarizing data
    • digging deeper into data and text mining
    • tool creation and development
    • identifying trends and providing actionable insights
  • Offers three elective tracks:
    • Analytics, Mining and Algorithms
    • Visualization and Communication
    • Management and Accountability
  • Complete your courses on your own schedule, while still building meaningful relationships with your professors and classmates

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