How to spot a beginner Data Scientist

When beginning life as a data scientist, there are some clear signs that give it away...

By Pablo Gomez, Business Intelligence Advisor.

Here are some tell tale signs of beginners:

  • They care more about their analysis than data availability/quality. Most of them don’t know how to extract, normalize or operate datasets from their source. Unfortunately that accounts for most jobs; even when you have dedicated teams doing data prepping, you should be able to evaluate (and ideally fix) inconsistencies. Needless to say, if you have a small team, most of these tasks will also be your responsibility.
  • They care even more about tools and libraries than about analysis itself. It’s good to have a reference tool, but most seniors will be equally proficient working in R, Python, Stata or any other tool (even Excel!).
  • Finally, they emphasize the word science and not data. In the end, data science is an umbrella term for many branches from plain and simple reporting to processing enormous datasets. If you’re doing something innovative with a challenging dataset and coming up with reproducible and verifiable results, then you’re probably doing data science. If not, it’s just another buzzword.

Happy data crunching.

Original quora answer. Reposted with permission.

Bio: Pablo Gomez is a Chief Technology Officer at FireStats, LLC / Business Intelligence Strategist / IT Executive Consultant. He is based in São Paulo, Brazil.