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The Skill Up Developer Skills Report is now live at
Packt Skillup 2018

With the Skill Up Report, Packt is offering developers and programmers any eBook or Video for just $10 to start learning new trends and topics. You can also get 3 titles for $25.

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Inside the report:
  • Top tools for 4 distinct industries - App Development, Web Development, Security & System Administration, Data
  • Discover what developers think of the modern tech community and workplace
  • What do developers in different sectors say is the next big thing?
  • With expert insight and commentary from top Packt authors
Machine Learning
  • Having stormed data science, machine learning technologies are now being named as the next big thing to learn by app developers
Respondents also listed both TensorFlow and Deep Learning as new skills they were learning, showing that app developers are getting right into some of the most complex and powerful tools and techniques of machine learning

Top language in Data
  • Python has ascended to be the number one language of data. It has over double the uptake of its traditional rival R, which lags behind it in third place
  • Python's ease of use, powerful tools and libraries, and use outside of the data field make it almost mandatory to know and use in 2018
Top tools in Data
  • Eight of the top ten most used data tools are derived from or utilize Python
  • Only in 10th place does an R Library make a showing, in the form of ggplot2
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