ODSC Europe Schedule Launched + Premium Data Science Training + ODSC West

Attend ODSC Europe 2018, London, 19-22 Sept, and get hands-on training from leading data science experts - use code ODSC45 until Fri, July 27, 2018 to save 45%. Also, use code ODSC50 to save 50% on your pass to ODSC West 2018, Oct 31 - Nov 3, San Francisco.

ODSC Workshop training
ODSC Europe 2018 Schedule is Now Launched

Use code ODSC45 until Friday and save at least 45% off with available discounts.

ODSC Europe 2018 in London on September 19th - 22nd offers attendees a unique opportunity to get hands-on training from some of the world’s leading data science experts.

Our ODSC Europe 2018 training and workshop schedule includes:
  • Michael Schmidt, PhD | Feature Engineering for Time Series Data
  • Aniket Anand Deshmukh | Transfer and Multi-task Learning
  • Yves Hilpisch, PhD | Algorithmic Trading with Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Andreas Mueller, PhD |  Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Jared Lander | Machine Learning in R
  • Andreas Mueller, PhD |  Advanced Machine Learning with sci-kit learn  
  • Jan Willem Tulp  | Learn D3 Essentials to get Started with Data Visualization
  • Juliet Moreiro Bockhop | The Path to Deep Learning with TensorFlow + Keras
  • And 40+ more

ODSC Europe offers many great opportunities to network at Meet the Experts, Meet the Speakers, Dinner with Data Scientists. Connect with, and learn from leading data scientists including:

  • Jürgen Schmidhuber | World's Foremost Deep Learning Expert, Professor at IDSIA.
  • Professor Luciano Floridi | Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, University of Oxford.
  • Thomas Wiecki, PhD | Qantopian and Director of Data Science, PyMC3 Developer.
  • Dr. John D. Kelleher | Dublin Institute Of Technology, Author, and Academic Leader.
  • Isaac Reyes | DataSeer, TEDx Speaker, Founder, and Data Science Lead.
  • Jeffrey Yau, PhD | Alliance Bernstein, Quantitative Modeling Expert, Chief Data Scientists
  • And 100+ more….

Use code ODSC45 until Friday and save at least 45% on your pass to ODSC Europe 2018. Register for ODSC Europe 2018!

ODSC West 2018 | San Francisco

ODSC West 2018 | San Francisco

For ODSC West 2018 in San Francisco on October 31st to November 3rd, we are bringing you an incredibly talented lineup of internationally renowned speakers and instructors including:

  • Virginia Eubanks | Author of Automating Inequality
  • Andrej Karpathy | Director of AI at Tesla
  • Cassie Kozyrkov | Chief Decision Scientist at Google
  • Josh Wills | Director of Data Engineering at Slack
  • Andreas Mueller | Author, Professor, and Core Contributor of scikit-learn
  • Jim Guszcza | Chief Data Scientist at Deloitte
  • Alexis Roos | Director, Data Science, and Machine Learning at Salesforce
  • And 230 more training, workshop, and talk presenters.

Here's what’s New for ODSC West 2018:

  • Fours days with an extra day of training. Check here for our schedule overview
  • In addition to our established focus areas of deep learning/machine learning, data visualization, etc., we now have two new focus areas:
    • Management, Workflow, and DataOp
    • Data Science for Good
  • Over 340 hours of content ranging from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Our Accelerate AI Summit: Two full days of AI innovation, discussions for startups, business professionals, and executives looking to disrupt industry with AI.
  • Full day career fair to help you find your next career move.
  • Special events like Meet the Experts, Dinner with Data Scientists, Reverse Startup Pitch, Networking Reception, and more.


Use code ODSC50 and save 50% on your pass to ODSC West 2018.

Register for ODSC West 2018!