9+ Rising Stars of Data Science

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Odsc West 2018 Speakers

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Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, and Andrew Ng are some of the most influential data scientists on the planet. There’s a new cluster of rising stars and ODSC West 2018 is delighted to be hosting many of them. Here’s why they matter.

Andrej Karpathy only received his Ph.D. from Stanford in 2016 having interned at OpenAI and Google DeepMind. He’s at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle revolution as Director of AI at Tesla and also a prolific blogger on topics like neural net enabled Software 2.0.

Professor Daphne Koller helped kick off the MOOC revolution as co-founder of Coursera. Now she’s gearing up for the next revolution in AI assisted drug discovery at her latest startup, insitro.

Virginia Eubanks is an associate professor at SUNY and author of Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor. As models become prolific in our society practitioners must be of vigilant to the unintentional consequences that Virginia exposes.

Andreas Mueller is best known for his work on scikit-learn, the Python library that brought machine learning to the masses. As an author and academic at Columbia University, he’s contributed massively to the open source data science community.

Peter Bull of DrivenData is at the forefront of crowdsourcing for good. Peter talks frequently on how learning can be applied to challenges in the social sector and marshals a global community of data for good scientists via online competitions.

Mike Tamir serves as Head of Data Science at Uber ATG and UC Berkeley Data Science faculty. As a passionate mentor to the data science community, he is actively helping advance the next generation of data scientists.

Jared Lander is an author and expert on all thing R. He’s an unparalleled instructor and an unceasing advocate for R and the open source data science community.

Cassie Kozyrkov is the force behind bringing the practice of Decision Intelligence to Google having trained over 15,000 Googlers in machine learning, statistics, and data-driven decision-making earning her the title of Chief Decision Scientist.

Josh Wills is a renowned data architect and contributor to the open source community as the lead on the Apache Crunch project. Prior to his current role as Director of Data Engineering at Slack he was instrumental in building Cloudera ML and the analytics infrastructure used in Google+


Connect and learn from these 9 data science rock stars and over 231 more presenters at ODSC West 2018 from October 31st to November 3rd in San Francisco.


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