Deep Learning Summit returns to Toronto – learn from Geoff Hinton

Learn from Geoff Hinton and others at Deep Learning Summit and AI for Government Summit, Oct 25-26 in Toronto. Save 20% with code KDNUGGETS.

Due to popular demand, RE-WORK's  Deep Learning Summit is returning to Canada.
Last year, the event
 welcomed the pioneers of deep learning, Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCunn & Geoffrey Hinton, who shared their knowledge & expertise in a joint panel for the first time. 

This year in Toronto will see the Deep Learning Summit joined by the first ever 
AI for Government 

The Deep Learning track will cover the latest advancements in deep learning technologies from global leaders in the field and explore how industry leaders and startups alike are applying such techniques across industry and society. On the AI for Government track, there will be the unique opportunity to interact with Government Bodies, Policymakers, Strategists and Directors of Innovation to explore the use of machine learning to increase efficiency, reduce costs and meet the high demands of the public sector.

Confirmed speakers across both tracks include:

  • Geoffrey Hinton, Professor, University of Toronto
  • Brendan Fey, Co-Founder & CEO, Deep Genomics
  • Raquel Urtasun, Head, Uber ATG
  • Nina Berry, J6 S&T Advisor, Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO)
  • Tomi Poutanen, Chief AI Officer, TD Bank

Attendees will have access to both events to maximise the diversity of the agenda and will also be invited to interactive workshops, panel discussions, mentoring sessions and many more activities. Amongst a full two days of workshops, on the AI for Government track, there will be a session hosted by the AI Global Governance Commission to explore topics including: 'How should policy-making change to fit the future with AI?'

RE-WORK will be continuing the Women in AI Dinner Series in Toronto on October 23 with leading female minds from Uber ATG and TD Bank presenting. The evening aims to showcase diversity in AI and is open to attendees of all genders for a champagne reception, three-course meal, keynote presentations, and networking. 

This event will sell out well in advance. Register now and save 20% on top of the Early Bird Discount with the code KDNUGGETS. when you sign up before 31st August. 
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Canada is a hot-spot for AI with the likes of Element AI, Uber AI Labs, and the Vector Institute coming out of the country, and to stay ahead of the race, the Canadian Government have committed over $125 million to AI developments. Alphabet will be starting in Toronto's Smart City Project this summer with the 'world's first neighbourhood built from the internet-up', and the Toronto Tourism Board are also supporting RE-WORK's summit. As well as welcoming new partners, guests and speakers to each event, we also have many returning guests who benefit from the summits year on year:

Additional headline partners for the summit include Graphcore AI, Next AI, TD Bank, Algorithmia, Twenty Billion Neurons and CBC/Radio Canada who will all be sharing their expertise in the field, participating in workshops, discussions, presentations, demonstrations and exhibitions.
Still not sure what to expect? Find out what you missed in Montreal in our event report with summit highlights, attendee and speaker feedback, an agenda overview, photos, videos, interviews and more. 
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