AI and ML Day in Australia with Alteryx, Tableau, Amazon, Snowflake, Commonwealth Bank, and IAPA

Key information regarding The Alteryx Analytics Revolution Summit roadshow in Australia, including dates, guest speakers, livestream information and how you can register for the roadshow closest to you.

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Alteryx Revolution Aug 2018 Sydney

Everywhere you look there is another article on AI and machine learning and how everyone is now pursuing this world of analytic nirvana, but how do you even begin to scratch the surface of this with when you:

  • Have no time to innovate and try something new
  • Struggle with being overwhelmed by business as usual tasks
  • Trying to understand how AI and ML are going to impact you and your role

The Alteryx Analytics Revolution Summit roadshow has lined up leaders and speakers from Alteryx, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, Commonwealth Bank, and the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) to help you distill down AI, Machine Learning and new analytic innovations in a way that are pragmatic, digestible and actionable.

At this event you’ll:

  • Gain a sweeping understanding of the rapidly advancing AI landscape and practical business applications of AI and Machine learning.
  • Hear about new solutions and frameworks to help free your time, hear use cases and learn how you can apply them to your own projects

Save the date for this free event and spend the afternoon picking up on skills and knowledge you as an analyst need to not just survive, but thrive in the age of analytic change.

Register for the roadshow closest to you:

Not close to Melbourne or Sydney? No worries! There is a livestream of the Sydney event as well. You’ll be able to virtually interact and submit Q&A to the speakers as well.