Crunch Data Engineering and Analytics Conference, 29-31 October, Budapest

The biggest (and anecdotally best) data engineering and analytics conference in the CEE region, is back! Practical Data Engineering and Data Analytics talks will take over Budapest, 29-31 October. Best part: discounted 3-in-1 tickets for Crunch, Amuse and Impact.

Crunch Conference

Crunch provides a neat overview of the current stage of development in data industry and also presents several best practices and new approaches that can be used in everyday work, as well. It's a use case heavy Data Engineering and Analytics conference in Budapest, organised by Prezi and IBM Budapest Lab between October 29-31.

Crunch audience

This year Crunch will run separate Data Science, Data Engineering and Business Analytics tracks. Our speaker lineup includes data professionals from Google, LinkedIn, Slack, Apache Arrow and so on with topics like:
  • "Full Stack" Data Science with R
  • Machine Learning and Information Warfare
  • Better Than Deep Learning: Gradient Boosting Machines
  • Machine Learning: The Journey to Production
  • Building Data Products: From Zero to Hero!
  • Deep Dive into Query Execution in Spark SQL 2.3
  • for the complete program see our website!
Crunch will also feature workshops to learn hands-on practices such as:
  • Apache Sparks™ Essentials (Official Databricks Workshop)
  • Practical Introduction To Data Science And Engineering With R.
So, all in all, if you are a Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager or simply interested how to utilise data to develop your business, Crunch conference is for you. No matter the size of your company or the volume of your data, you can learn from the biggest players of Big Data. Meet other professionals, network with the leaders of the data industry and have a beer in Budapest, in the heart of Europe.

Still need a little more insight? Check out the mood from last year or see the other two conferences onsite that you can enter with a 3in1 discounted ticket: Amuse UX and Impact Product Management Conferences!

Don't forget to use the discount code CrunchyNuggets that saves you $50 when you select a Regular or Late Bird ticket at