Deep Learning: The Impact of NVIDIA DGX Station

Read this IDC report & see how a deep learning workstation may solve IT problems of many researchers, developers, and creative professionals.

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Nvidia DGX Station

IDC Weighs-in on the Impact of DGX Station

GPU technology is penetrating every corner of the enterprise as more organizations tap into its power to accelerate deep learning workloads. Firms are carefully analyzing how to maximize the ROI of AI and reduce costs when offering platforms for their data scientists and researchers.

Read this IDC report and see how researchers, developers, and creative professionals all face the same hurdle with IT resources and how a deep learning workstation might be the solution to their problems, whether that's individual developers who require the computational power of an entire workstation, or a team of developers running their own experiments in parallel.

Learn more how the DGX Station can be the right fit for your deep learning workloads.

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