Attend the Leading Applied AI Conference, San Francisco, Offer Ends Friday

ODSC West 2018, and Accelerate AI return to San Francisco on Oct 31-Nov 3rd. The prior ODSC events sold out, so why wait? Save 30% with code KDD30 - offer ends Friday.


ODSC West 2018, the applied data science conference, returns to San Francisco on Oct 31-Nov 3rd. We have an incredible lineup of 200+ expert presenters to give you a sweeping understanding of the latest frameworks, tools, and breakthroughs in data science and AI.

At 300+ hours of content, no other event offers the technical depth and breadth of ODSC West. Sessions range from our beginner kickstart track to our advanced Research track. Additional focus areas include Deep Learning & Machine Learning, AI for Engineers, Data Science for Good, Data Visualization, and DataOps Management all presented by leading experts including:
  • Reza Zadeh, Founder of Matroid, Adj Prof Stanford
  • Andrej Karpathy, Director of AI at Tesla
  • Wojciech Zaremba, OpenAI Co-founder
  • Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google
  • Virginia Eubanks, Author of Automating Inequality
  • Andreas Mueller, Core Contributor to scikit-learn
  • plus another 200+ leading experts

Our prior ODSC West event SOLD OUT, so why wait. Click Here to Save 30%, offer ending Friday on any  pass with code KDD30.

Sessions continue to be added to our schedule including:

Experiments in AutoML | Deep Learning for Speech Recognition | Deep Learning for Developers | Latest Developments in GANs | Python and Pandas | Automated Machine Learning | Network Analysis Made Simple | Industrial Machine Learning | Ethics, and Data Science for Humans | Mathematical Approaches to Clustering | Multivariate Time Series Forecasting | Machine Learning in R | Machine Learning for Digital Identity | Visual Elements of Data Science | Using Data Science for Good | The AI Engineer | and many more.

Accelerate AI, the Business and Innovation Summit

Co-located with ODSC West is Accelerate AI, the business and innovation summit. Learn how to apply AI in the real world over 2 days and multiple tracks from top industry AI experts including Bloomberg, SalesForce, AIG, Deloitte & Touche, DataRobot and more. Through use cases and presentations, better understand the rapidly expanding AI landscape to help accelerate your business and your career.

Click Here to Save 30% offer ending Friday on any  pass with code KDD30.