SQL, Python, and R in One Platform

Stop jumping between applications. Get a complete analytical toolkit.

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No more jumping between applications. Mode Studio combines a SQL editor, Python and R notebooks, and a visualization builder in one platform.
Go from SQL query to Python or R Notebooks
Connect your data to Mode, explore in our SQL editor, and pass results to integrated Python or R notebooks for deeper exploration and visualization.
Build custom visualizations, or use our built-in charts
Add visualizations with the tool that's most comfortable. Use D3, ggplot, matplotlib, or Mode's drag-and-drop charting tools to explore data and communicate what you've found.
Share analysis with a click
When you're done with your analysis (or even if you're not done), simply grab the URL and send it out to collaborators and viewers. Your analysis lives on forever at a URL, and viewers can refresh without bothering you.
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