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RE•WORK are offering an exclusive early discount to KDnuggets subscribers for any of their upcoming AI and Deep Learning Summits when you register before November 30th with the code CYBER25.

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Cyber Monday may not be until next week, but RE•WORK are offering an exclusive early discount to KDnuggets subscribers for any of their upcoming AI and Deep Learning Summits when you register before November 30th with the code CYBER25.
The discount is also applicable on the already discounted Super Early Bird and Early Bird passes, giving a massive double saving! Check out the calendar of events here.
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One Summit, three tracks, 10 stages. RE•WORK’s Deep Learning Summit has grown year on year, from 228 attendees four years ago in January 2015 to the 900+ attendees, speakers and exhibitors expected in 2019, which is a testament, not only to the excellent and fascinating work of our speakers but also to the growth in interest and application of AI.
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Tejas Kulkarni,
Research Scientist,

Title: Learning to Simulate Reality
Tejas is primarily interested in understanding how the mind works. His current research goal is to build learning algorithms that acquire grounded common-sense knowledge. Learn how DL systems are trained to explicitly reason in the space of computer programs.
Georgia Gkioxari,
Research Scientist, 

Title: Embodied Vision
The role of perception is inherently tied to action. Active perception is vital for robotics. Robots perceive in order to act and act in order to perceive. In this talk, Georgia will present Facebook's efforts to build embodied agents that solve semantic tasks in realistic 3D scenes.
Adrien Gaidon, Machine Learning Lead, Toyota Research Institute
Title: Beyond Supervised Driving

Crowd-sourced steering does not sound as appealing as automated driving. Adrien will share scientific problems that have huge implications in the research and development of long-term large-scale autonomous robots. He will also talk about the robotics system perspective, especially end-to-end vs modular design and human-robot interaction. 
Peter Stone, Professor, The University of Texas
Peter's main research interest in AI is understanding how we can best create complete intelligent agents. He considers adaptation, interaction, and embodiment to be essential capabilities of such agents. Peter's research focuses mainly on machine learning, multiagent systems, and robotics. "The most exciting research topics are those inspired by challenging real-world problems."
The Summit will feature workshops and presentations on the following: AI Assistants, AI for Environment and Sustainability, Education & AI, Ethics & Social Responsibility, Futurescaping, Industry Applications, Technical Labs, Startup and Exhibition Areas and many more. 
Who: Michael Martin, Director of Communities,  SignalFire
Where: Ethics & Social Responsibility Stage
What: Hands-on Workshop on Reimaging the News: How can AI/ML be used to assure open and credible news platforms?
Who: Vinod Bakthavachalam, Snr. Data Scientist, Coursera Where: Connect Stage
What: Case study presentation on systems for feedback and novelty in deep learning.
Who: Prakhar Mehrotra, Senior Director of ML, Walmart Labs
Where: Industry Applications Stage
What: Case study exploring how Walmart Labs are using deep learning to make smarter decisions for retail operations.
Additional confirmed speakers include:
  • Ian Goodfellow, Staff Research Scientist, Google Brain
  • Chelsea Finn, Research Scientist & Scholar, Google Brain & Berkeley AI Research
  • Ilya Sutskever, Co-Founder & Research Director, OpenAI
  • Sergey Levine, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
  • Tess Posner, CEO, AI4ALL
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