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KDnuggets™ News 18:n42, Nov 7: The Most in Demand Skills for Data Scientists; How Machines Understand Our Language: Intro to NLP

Also: Machine Learning Classification: A Dataset-based Pictorial; Quantum Machine Learning: A look at myths, realities, and future projections; Multi-Class Text Classification Model Comparison and Selection; Top 13 Python Deep Learning Libraries

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This week's newsletter brings you the most in demands skills in data science, explains how machines understand our language, explains classification using a dataset-based approach (and pictures), looks at the myths and realities of quantum machine learning, discusses text classification model comparison and selection, and lists the top 13 Python deep learning libraries. There's still time to vote in our latest poll!

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Machine Learning Classification: A Dataset-based Pictorial
From Machine Learning Classification: A Dataset-based Pictorial

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