KDnuggets™ News 18:n46, Dec 5: AI, Data Science, Analytics 2018 Main Developments, 2019 Key Trends; Deep Learning Cheat Sheets

Also: Best Machine Learning languages, Data Visualization Tools, DL Frameworks, and Big Data Tools; How to Build a Machine Learning Team When You Are Not Google or Facebook; A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Machine Learning Course; Handling Imbalanced Datasets in Deep Learning

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The countdown to year's end is on, and we've begun collecting expert opinions on 2018's main developments and 2019's key trend predictions. We also share a great set of deep learning cheat sheets, a collection of the best tools, languages, and frameworks, see how to build a machine learning team when you aren't a tech giant, and get schooled on how to choose the best machine learning course. Enjoy!

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Deep Learning Cheat Sheets
From Deep Learning Cheat Sheets