Rev Summit for Data Science Leaders featuring Daniel Kahneman

Rev features interactive sessions, Q&A with industry luminaries, poster sessions for interesting modeling techniques and accomplishments, and stimulating conversations about how to make data science an enterprise-grade capability.

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Domino 2019 Rev2

Happy 2019! As you plan for the coming year, consider attending the second annual Rev Summit for Data Science Leaders in New York City from May 23-24. This year’s event, co-chaired by Derwen’s Paco Nathan, will focus on providing practical guidance to teams aspiring to make data science an enterprise-grade capability.

Featured speakers for the 2019 event include:

  • Daniel Kahneman, award-winning psychologist and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • Michelle Ufford, Head of Data Science Tools at Netflix
  • Tom Kornegay, Head of Global Consumer Data Platforms at Nike
  • Josh Wills, Software Engineer of Search, Learning, and Intelligence at Slack
  • Paco Nathan, Managing Partner at Derwen, Inc.
  • Ron Bodkin, Technical Director of Applied AI at Google
  • Marck Vaisman, Technology Solutions for Data and AI at Microsoft
  • Jairam Ranganathan, VP of Product at Keep Truckin
  • Gary Sanders, Head of Data Science at Lloyds Banking Group

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The call for speakers for the summit is also open. Apply here before February 26, 2019.