ModelOps – Get it done. 3 Day Webinar Mini-Series

Join us for an educational series ModelOps - Get it done. Learn how a combination of technology and processes can help solve modelOps.

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According to the Gartner Research article Predicts 2019: Analytics and BI Strategy, the authors recommend that data and analytics leaders "Do not deploy analytic tools without first ensuring that processes are established to drive operationalization of the results, and that the business culture is receptive to analytic insight."  We agree!

Join Garrett Long, VP of Marketing in an educational "How to" series ModelOps - Get it done.  Learn how a combination of technology and processes can help solve fundamental model operations challenges. The three day series will give you deep insights into the processes to support model ops, an example of A/B testing supported by these processes, and a view on cloud architectures to support model ops:

  • Day One (Tuesday, February 19th):Defining a Model Development Life Cycle
    • This session will cover the motivation for, and the details of, building an MDLC
  • Day Two (Wednesday, February 20th):A/B testing a model in an AWS environment while simultaneously capturing model lineage data.
    • This session will share an approach to A/B testing a linear regression model leveraging CI/CD automation tooling, and capturing the important meta data for each model.
  • Day Three (Thursday, February 21th):Architectures for Model Operations
    • This session will review a few architectural approaches that can be used to scale model operations.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Open Data Group Team

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