Datathon 2019: The International Data Science Hackathon, 12-14 April

The Data Science Hackathon is open for the global community to participate from all around the world virtually.

Dss Datathon 2019 April

By Denitsa Yordanova, Data Science Society.

After five successful editions of the worldwide Data Science Hackathon, organized by Data Science Society, it’s time to bring the global data science community together again and challenge them with interesting data cases. In April, participants from more than 30 countries, will explore real-world challenges and come up with artificial intelligence models to solve them.

Datathon 2019

The Datathon is a weekend-long hackathon: 12-14 April. People from all over the world will have the chance to team up virtually, or to gather physically in several locations, with the end goal to develop machine learning algorithms based on the provided datasets.

The Data Science Cases

Some of the previous Datathon cases were focused on propaganda identification, DNA analysis and social network analysis. This time, all passionate data scientists, will be exposed to real computer vision and predictive analytics cases:

  • One of the largest retailers in the world has prepared an image recognition dataset for the Datathon. The participants should apply skills in computer vision and successfully detect objects based on а set of drone images.
  • Another interesting case aims at finding out what is affecting air pollution. The Municipality of an EU capital, together with data-driven companies, have collected data from a variety of sources, including meteorological data, traffic data and data about population’s heating choice, that might impact the quality of air.

Data Science Society

Data Science Society is a volunteer organization providing challenges entirely focused on the open source culture of creating code and algorithms. The mission is to share practical knowledge for others to learn and grow in the domain. The society is building a global network of individuals, mentors, organizations and partners willing to make sense of data.

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