Network with Google, Intel, Facebook, LinkedIn & more

The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit takes place Apr 29 & 30 in San Diego. Secure your place at this must-attend event for data professionals today and deep-dive into a new era of AI and data strategy.

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The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit, taking place this April 29 & 30 in San Diego, is a must-attend for data professionals looking to make critical decisions on data transformative projects, to deliver prosperity in today's challenging economic climate.

Bringing together the world’s leading brands in data science and innovation, this summit is the only event in San Diego that will reveal the latest in predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics and machine learning technique.

This year’s agenda is full of exciting workshops, masterclasses, case studies, roundtables and more, helping you prepare for a radically different future this 2019. Explore agenda here.

Grow your business in 2019 and beyond by joining 200+ senior data professionals at this unique summit experience as they discuss the translation of data into actionable insights, applying deep learning to business, adopting AI to deliver real business value and many more data focused topics.

Who you will meet:

  • Director, Data Science and Analytics – Google
  • Staff Data Scientist – LinkedIn
  • Chief Data Scientist – IBM
  • Senior Machine Learning Scientist – Amazon
  • Director, Cloud Policy – Intel
  • Data Science Manager – AirBnB

& many more experts in the data industry.

Secure your place here today and deep-dive into a new era of AI and data strategy.