Securing your future in big data

With four highly-specialised data analytics modules, and the practical business knowledge provided by the core MBA modules, NTU online course can prepare you for a career in big data.

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In this day and age, data is very easy to gather and store; it’s knowing what to do with it that presents an obstacle. The ability to derive business intelligence from big data is a highly sought-after ability and this skill is likely to become even more desirable to employers from all industries in the future.

The NTUOnline MBA with Data Analytics at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is designed to help you unlock that ability and refine these skills. With four highly-specialised data analytics modules, and the practical business knowledge provided by the core MBA modules, NTU’s100% online course can prepare you for a career in big data.

Harness the power of data storytelling

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is the ability to utilise complex data to clearly express an argument; data storytelling is a coveted skill in many business sectors.

The Statistical Approaches to Data Analysis module of the online course demonstrates how to present data for the purposes of data mining and predictive modelling. You’ll learn invaluable skills including how to visually present data in the most appropriate graphical layout in order to communicate its meaning to stakeholders and to predict expected outcomes based on statistical evidence.

Understand the importance of data storage infrastructure

Many businesses depend on a complex combination of information management systems, but with so much data in the workplace, how can businesses manage and store it effectively? There’s no one solution that will suit everyone, so companies must consider the best strategy based on their unique business needs.

Databases, data warehouses and cloud-based storage are all covered by the Fundamentals of Big Data and its Infrastructure module on the Online MBA with Data Analytics. Taking organisational set-up and intentions for data into consideration, you’ll be able to recommend sustainable data management methods. These can expose opportunities for work practice streamlining and cost-saving almost instantly, as well as evidence for refined strategic direction.

Utilising the power of machine learning

In addition to the increase in consciousness of big data, organisations are now able to access machine learning methods to perform elements of data analysis. Algorithms can be programmed to undertake analysis automatically, built on machine learning derived from huge data sets.

Automation is a powerful tool and the Online MBA with Data Analytics’ Practical Machine Learning Methods for Data Mining module will allow you to use machine learning models to categorise and group data, and use it to make valuable business forecasts. These skills are imperative for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Researchers and AI Software Developers.

Understand big data’s impact on society

The concept of big data is not just revolutionizing the business world but is also influencing and re-defining every area of society.Therefore, it’s crucial for those working with big data to understand its impact within numerous settings, such as nationally, internationally and in terms of ethics and legislation.

The Deriving Business Value from Data Science module of the online course will help you to understand the importance of using big data legally and responsibly, and how to gain the insight companies require within a best practice framework. This skill is valuable to all types of sectors, particularly in roles in Strategic Governance, Data Compliance and Data Quality.

Develop your leadership capabilities

The Online MBA with Data Analytics will allow you to not only develop your knowledge of data analytics, but also help you to refine your business acumen. The core MBA modules, including Business Information and Decision Making, examine fundamental operational and strategic commercial approaches, to provide  you with  the core  business skills you need to progress your career.

If you are interested in finding out more about Nottingham Trent University’s Online MBA with Data Analytics and how it could help secure your future in big data, find out more here.