Predictive Analytics World – Why It’s the Leading Machine Learning Event in 2019

The founder of PAW gives you an overview of PAW events in 2019 and breaks down what makes PAW the leading machine learning event to attend this year.

Predictive Analytics World - Predictive Analytics World – Why It's the Leading Machine Learning Event in 2019

Dear Analytics Professionals,

I'm writing as the founder of the Predictive Analytics World conference series to give you an overview of our PAW events in 2019 and to break down what makes PAW the leading machine learning event to attend this year

First, here are the industry-focused PAW conferences coming in 2019, internationally:

PAW is the leading cross-vendor conference series covering the commercial deployment of machine learning. By design, it's where to meet the who's who and keep up on the latest techniques.

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Unlike most analytics events, PAW is densely focused. Its agenda commits specifically to the commercial application of machine learning – also known as predictive analytics. The conference doesn't cover "data science" as a whole, which is a much broader and less well-defined area, that, for example, can include standard business intelligence reporting and such.

At PAW, you'll hear directly from the horse's mouth precisely how Fortune 500 analytics competitors and other companies of interest deploy machine learning and the kind of business results they achieve. More than most events, we pack the agenda as densely as possible with named case studies

PAW isn't run by an analytics vendor and the speakers aren't trying to sell you on anything but good ideas. PAW speakers understand that vendor-neutral means those in attendance must be able to implement the practices covered and benefit from the insights delivered without buying any particular analytics product.

To summarize, PAW events deliver brand-name, cross-industry, vendor-neutral case studies purely on machine learning deployment, and the hottest topics and techniques. 


Best Regards,

Eric Siegel
Predictive Analytics World


Watch PAW Founder Eric Siegel cover five reasons to attend:


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