AI and the data production landscape

Data Science Salon NY returns to Viacom HQ in Times Square on June 13. Here are insights from DSS NY top speakers on the future of AI in the media production landscape.

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Formulated DSS NYC June 13

It’s never easy to predict the future, and the speakers of Data Science Salon New York have somewhat divergent views on how we might expect ML and AI to be applied to the field of Media and Entertainment in the next five to ten years. But there’s one clear area of agreement: “We’re going to continue to see the implementation (and improvement) of personalized recommendation algorithms that are based on person-level data.” said Lauren Lombardo, Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen. “It will vastly improve the overall relevance of the content and advertisements served across premium video, and make content exploration much simpler and more enjoyable,” suggests Chris Whitely, Senior Director, Applied Analytics at Comcast.

But the recommendation engines of tomorrow will be even more robust. “We've barely scratched the surface of utilizing recommendation engines for generating new content,” said Josh Miller, Director of Data Analytics at “We've already seen some shows like Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch utilize the idea of letting viewers make their own decisions to choose their own storylines.  What if the viewer didn't have to make the choice, but instead AI could generate which story suits you best?” Lombardo agrees, “soon we’ll expect to have content that fits into the tiny sliver of a specific sub-genre we crave at that moment hand delivered to us through a personalized recommendation that is unlike anyone else's.”

Outside of recommendation engines, the future of AI & ML in Media and Entertainment is more nebulous.  “In five years I definitely see more engagement with 3D settings and audio visual interactions with personalized home assistants,” said Ayan Bhattacharya, Advanced Analytics Specialist Leader at Deloitte Consulting. “In 10 years, I foresee AI in media and entertainment profiling individuals’ social aspirations between viewing offerings and experiences in a more prescriptive manner.” Justin Hendrix, Executive Director at NYC Media Lab, goes even further, “We will see the emergence of synthetic celebrities, and narrative experiences generated by the output of models. This will both drive down the cost of content production at the low end and drive up the value of highly produced, artisanal content at the high end.”

But there’s one additional area where all of our speakers agree: “Humans will continue to have the upper hand; most estimates suggest job growth in the media and entertainment sectors will continue to be strong over the next few years,” said Hendrix. “Perhaps all the automation taking place in other sectors of the economy will create more opportunity for media overall!”

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