Calling All Data Geeks to Come Home and Ignite Their Powers

Introducing GOJEK, the superapp that is looking for people to help with its mission to make an impact through data.

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Have you heard of GOJEK?

GOJEK is a super app based in Indonesia (the country’s first and fastest-growing unicorn!), and we have offices in more than 5 countries in Asia. We offer more than 20 services, from ride-hailing and food delivery to digital wallet, on-demand cleaning, and on-demand pampering and massage. Our app has been downloaded more than 125 million times and we will continue to grow and expand to other countries!

Yes, so what? That’s not what’s most important for us.

We need help.

We need help in figuring out:

  • How do we connect the dots between business problems and raw data and information?
  • How do we optimize between 5 conflicting goals at any given moment?
  • How do we ensure that data scientists, product teams, and business teams are using the right features and aren’t missing out on large problems simply because they aren’t looking at the right dashboard?
  • … and many more.

We need help in making #impactatscale through data. Because that is the heart of what we do; ensuring that we uplift millions of lives out there.

As home of the #DataAvengers, GOJEK is looking for people whose worlds revolve around data. We’re calling all data geeks, data aficionado, data enthusiasts to come home and put their power to good use. If you love solving business optimization problems, coming up with algorithmic models or turning data into actionable insights, you may find a home with us.

There are three teams in need of your help at the moment. Find out which team can ignite your superpower!

  • Do you think you can be Captain Data who keeps GOJEK’s world in balance? Do you love the adrenaline rush when you have to decide on the most optimum solution that will affect millions of lives? Then Marketplace is the right team for you.
  • Or if you’re obsessed with digging into a large amount of data, identifying and solving root causes, not only symptoms, you might be the Pathfinder of Data and you’re cut out to be part of the Business Intelligence team.
  • And maybe… just maybe… You feel like you’re the Norse God of Data who has the superpower to invent actionable insight based on data and can craft an algorithmic model? You’ll be right at home in GOJEK’s Data Science team.

If home is where the heart is, as #DataAvengers, which of those three would you call as home?

Shall we have a chat?