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RE-WORK returns to San Francisco Jun 20-21 with the Deep Reinforcement Learning Summit, the Applied AI Summit and the AI for Good Summit. KDnuggets subscribers get 20% off Early Bird discounted passes when you register before May 3 with code KDNUGGETS.

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RE-WORK returns to San Francisco this June with the Deep Reinforcement Learning Summit, the Applied AI Summit and the AI for Good Summit. They are offering KDnuggets subscribers 20% off Early Bird discounted passes when you register before 3 May with the code KDNUGGETS
What do ethics, reinforcement learning, and AI business applications have in common?
By consolidating these summits, the co-located event will look at the most advanced work in AI and DL as well as exploring how to practically use these technologies, whilst ensuring that they're being applied ethically and for the benefit of society. One pass provides access to all tracks, and attendees are invited to attend presentations, Deep Dive sessions, and networking across the board. The agenda is shaping up, and here are some of the highlights:
Deep Reinforcement Learning Summit
Speaker Spotlight: Ashley Edwards, Research Scientist, Uber AI Labs
Presentation: Learning Values and Policies from State Observations
Observational learning is a key component for human development. Ashley will discuss an approach that enables learning a latent policy directly from state observations, which can then be quickly mapped to real actions in the agent's environment.

Applied AI Summit
Speaker Spotlight: Pallav Agrawal, Director, Data Science, Levi Strauss & Co.
Presentation: Enterprise-Scale Innovation that Delivers Business Results
Pallav will discuss best practices to develop ML applications that improve KPIs. He will share a rapid prototyping framework to develop effective personalization, and how to design experiments to quickly iterate towards a better experience for customers.

AI for Good Summit
Speaker Spotlight: Douglas Eck, Principal Scientist, Google
Presentation: The Role of ML in the Process of Creating Art and Music
Working on Magenta, Douglas will explain how he is developing new DL and reinforcement learning algorithms for generating songs, images, drawings and more. He will explain how it is a smart tool to extend, not replace, the processes. 
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The Deep Dive track is designed to allow experts to go into more detail on some of the key topics explored across the two days. These sessions will vary from interactive hands-on workshops to demonstrations and lecture-style presentations.
Recently announced sessions include:
An Introduction to DRL 
Suitable for: Attendees with technical knowledge/overview understanding of DL
The discussion will cover: an introduction to DRL models, algorithms and techniques, examples of DRL systems and how DRL can be used for practical applications.
Preparing Your Dataset for ML
Suitable for: Data scientists, CxOs, ML engineers
Session Takeaways: 1) Why is data preparation important? 2) Where should you gather the data; 3) How do you handle missing data?
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The RE-WORK YouTube channel has been recently updated and has presentations and interviews from some of the world's leading minds in AI and deep learning:
  • Interview with Ian Goodfellow, Prev. Staff Research Scientist, Google AI
  • Interview with Chelsea Finn, Research Scientist, Google AI
  • Presentation from Aravind Srinivas, PhD Candidate, U.C. Berkeley
  • Interview with Jeff Clune, Co-Founder, Uber AI Labs
  • Fireside Chat with Cansu Canca & Laura Haaber Ihle, Ethics AI Lab
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Register for any of RE-WORK's upcoming events using the code KDNUGGETS to save 20% on all Summit passes. Upcoming events include:

Women in AI Dinner, Boston, May 21 * Last chance, limited tickets remaining*
Deep Learning Summit, Boston, May 23 - 24
Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, Boston, May 23 - 24

Applied AI Summit, San Francisco, Jun 20 - 21
AI for Good Summit, San Francisco, Jun 20 -21
Deep Reinforcement Learning SummitSan Francisco, Jun 20 - 21

AI in Insurance Summit, New York, Sept 05 - 06
AI in Finance Summit, New York, Sept 05 - 06

AI in Retail & Advertising Summit, London, Sept 19 - 20
Deep Learning Summit, London, Sept 19 - 20
AI Assistant Summit, London, Sept 19 - 20

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