Demystifying Data Science: Free Online Conference July 30-31

On Jul 30-31, join 22 speakers giving 16 talks and 6 workshops during Demystifying Data Science, a FREE two-day live online conference hosted by Metis, a leader in data science education.

For the third year in a row, Metis, a leader in data science education, is hosting Demystifying Data Science, a FREE two-day live online conference July 30-31. Learn from 22 speakers giving 16 talks and 6 workshops over this two day event.

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Demystifying Data Science is a free live online conference for aspiring data scientists who want to jump start a career in the field and business leaders who want to learn how data science can transform their companies. The conference will consist of 16 interactive data science talks from industry-leading speakers and 6 workshops from experts at Metis between Tuesday, July 30 and Wednesday, July 31, 10AM-5PM ET.

#DemystifyDS is designed to be equal parts informative and interactive. Each day begins with a keynote talk by a leader in the data science community:

Metis Demistifying Data Science, July 30-31, 2019

  • Day 1 Keynote: Tarry Singh, Co-founder, CEO and AI Neuroscience Researcher at
  • Day 2 Keynote: Hilary Mason, General Manager for Machine Learning at Cloudera.

After the keynote each day continues with top data science talent holding consecutive 18-minute live presentations with live Q&A. Speakers for both days include an impressive lineup of data science industry leaders from multinational companies (IBM, Bayer, KPMG), universities (UCLA, University of Miami) and other organizations.

Talks include:

  • Qualities of an Exceptional Data Scientist — Kate Strachnyi, Founder, Humans of Data Science (HoDS)
  • How Charts Lie — Getting Smarter About Data Visualization — Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair in Visual Journalism, University of Miami
  • The Ethics & Opportunities of Data Governance — Natalie Evans Harris, Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Initiatives, BrightHive, Inc
  • Data Science Unleashed: From Cottage Industry to an Industry Force—Leading the Way to Robust Models, Smart Decisions, and Digital Products in Demand — Adrian Cartier, PH.D., Director of Data Science, Bayer

From 2:30-5pm ET the program transitions to workshops, where attendees will learn from the talented team at Metis in an interactive format. All sessions will include real-time chat, with opportunities to ask questions, answer polls, and share socially. Registrants also receive post-conference access to presentations. Workshops include:

  • Pro Tips: How to Get Hired as a Data Scientist
  • Introduction to Python
  • Essential Data Literacy
  • Practical Issues in Machine Learning

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