3 Reasons to attend Data Natives, 25-26 November, Berlin

Data Natives is an outstanding conference that lets you meet many talented Data Scientists and Data Professionals. Find your dream company or your dream employee and level up for 2020. Use code DN19_KDNuggets_50 to save.

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Data Natives 2019

Our friends from Data Natives are organizing an outstanding conference on the 25th-26th November at Kühlhaus Berlin. You can attend at half price using our special code: DN19_KDNuggets_50. But why attend DN19?

  1. If you are a recruiter, a founder or a tech team head, you will find a huge pool of data science & tech talent. We are a global community of over 75.000 data scientists, and a lot of them are going to be present at the venue during DN19;
  2. If you are looking for a job at the dream company, attending DN19 will open opportunities to connect with both - the biggest corporations like IBM, Xing, or Bayer and innovative startups;
  3. Level up for 2020 - absorb knowledge from the cutting-edge educational content of our hand-picked 150+ expert speakers.

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    and on hashtag #DN19.

    Get your tickets at half price with code DN19_KDNuggets_50