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Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare - ❗️First PAW Healthcare Sessions Announced❗️

Agenda Sneak Peek

The first European edition of Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare is coming closer and closer and you can still take advantage of the Early Bird price - until February 14th!

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Here is a preview of the 2020 agenda, so you know exactly what to expect:

Dr. Niklas Keller
& Managing Partner

Translational Data Science or
“Digitalization with Laminated Pocket Cards”

Dr. Niklas Keller will introduce the concepts and key-methods of Translational Data Science and present a use-case of the development of a decision support tool for post-operative patient allocation. The resultant decision support has a high predictive accuracy, pays respect to the constraints of the decision ecology of the end-user, is action-oriented and can be easily integrated in various clinical settings as a laminated pocket card.
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Dr. Joran Lekkerbol
Director Centre of Machine Learning

Improving Mental Health Treatment by Balancing Privacy, Interpretability and Predictive Power: a Distributed K-Nearest Neighbors Example

Successful data science applications in healthcare generally require going beyond the standard machine learning approach. Dr. Joran Lekkerbol's case study provides a practical example of how to augment the standard machine learning approach in order to satisfy the different criteria relevant to clinical practice. Learn more

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 "A Insightful and enriching conference. Great actionable tips from the experts to start up predictive analytics. Certainly worth the time to be here.”

Cass Chay - Senior Manager
Singapore General Hospital 

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