Gold BlogNew Poll: Coronavirus impact on AI/Data Science/Machine Learning community

Has coronavirus impacted your conference or other travel plans, and do you anticipate it causing further professional or educational disruption in the near future? Take part in the new KDnuggets poll and have your say.

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Coronavirus daily spread rate
Coronavirus Data and Poll Analysis – yes, there is hope, if we act now

We examine the growth of coronavirus daily cases in most affected countries, and show evidence that social distancing works in reducing the rate of spread. We also analyze KDnuggets Poll results - the scale of change to online and how Data Science work is likely to increase or drop in different regions. Stay Healthy and practice social distancing!


It's no secret that the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak is deeply affecting the lives of millions around the world, both directly and indirectly. As a number of conferences, meetups, classes, concerts, and other cultural events have been postponed, cancelled, or moved online where appropriate, we thought it would be relevant to ask KDnuggets readers how the virus is affecting their professional and educational lives.

Please take a few seconds to answer the questions below, and contribute to the community's understanding of how our data science world is responding to the unfolding pandemic.

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