Caserta Announces Pro-Bono Data and Analytics Workshop for Senior Leaders

Caserta is offering a limited number of virtual pro-bono data and analytics workshops conducted by industry leaders Joe Caserta and Doug Laney exclusively for eligible senior leadership. Learn more and sign up now.

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Caserta Pro Bono Webinars

Caserta, a strategic professional services firm focused on data and analytics implementations, has announced that it is offering a limited number of virtual pro-bono data and analytics workshops conducted by industry leaders Joe Caserta and Doug Laney exclusively for eligible senior leadership. The workshops are customized per organization and examine strategy, culture, data literacy, data architecture, data governance and technology.  

“Seasoned leaders know this is the time to accelerate not abate their data and analytics initiatives,” notes Doug Laney, Principal, Data and Analytics Strategy at Caserta. “We feel it’s our duty to help as many organizations as possible to survive this crisis, and even implement new, innovative data-enabled value streams.”

The aim of the pro-bono workshops is to help leaders use data and analytics to navigate new global economic and health crisis realities. Participants in the workshop will receive an actionable strategy with best practices. 

“As education and advisory on data and analytics are core elements of our firm, we are eager to help executive leadership during these uncertain times,” notes VP Marketing and Analytics Remy Rosenbaum. “We have seen an increase in the amount of organizations seeking Caserta’s help for digital transformation. Many of these firms have been struggling with the necessary data infrastructure, strategy and culture to make a swift change. During times of uncertainty, these organizations do not have the luxury of re-engineering a botched move to the cloud or not properly managing, measuring and monetizing their valuable data.”

Caserta is only releasing a limited amount of time-slots for the workshop and executives are encouraged to apply while spaces remain. Leaders may apply for the pro-bono workshop on the Caserta website:

The pro-bono workshop is available for senior leaders in companies headquartered in the United States and Canada with annual revenues above $100 million. Not valid for professional services companies. 

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