SQream Announces Massive Data Revolution Video Challenge

Data professionals are invited to share their massive data challenges from their own unique perspectives. Learn more about the Massive Data Revolution Video Challenge, get a $50 Amazon gift card, and be sure to submit your entry by December 16th.

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SQream calls on data practitioners to voice their analytics struggles in a video contest, and get a $50 Amazon gift card.

In telecom, finance, healthcare, and virtually every other industry, organizations are experiencing an explosion of information. Big Data is becoming an outdated term as Massive Data takes hold. In this new environment, organizations are looking for ways to translate their most valuable asset into tangible business benefit. From better and faster decision-making to help enterprises face growing competition, tapping into their treasure troves of data is the key to successful business continuity and growth.

Yet as data grows to massive proportions, so do the challenges experienced by data practitioners in their daily struggle to access, prepare and analyze it. As data stores reach terabytes and petabytes, SQL queries can take hours or days, and in many cases, time out or are stopped by IT. Each change in perspective requires hours of data preparation, leaving little time for exploration and discovery. Analytic reports reflect only a small percentage of available data, leaving out critical business insights. Legacy systems that were built for significantly smaller volumes of data are simply unable to handle modern-day workloads, and data professionals are left struggling to deliver the reports required by business stakeholders.

Like many people who are looking to regain control in these turbulent times - so are data professionals, who are beginning to demand better and faster access to their key asset. The explosion of data combined with the growing demands of the industry has set the Massive Data Revolution in motion.

In light of the Revolution, SQream developed the leading data analytics acceleration platform for massive data, and is calling on data professionals to rise up and share their own massive data challenges in a 60-second video.
Whether your struggles are around data preparation, ETL, SQL queries, or an inability to access and analyze enough of your data, SQream wants to hear about it from the source.

Qualifying participants will receive an Amazon gift card, as well as the opportunity to have their voice, and greatest analytics challenges, heard by industry experts, fellow practitioners, and solution providers.

"Data professionals have for too long been subject to severe limitations and unnecessary difficulties in their day-to-day work. Legacy systems are holding massive data hostage, with extremely long-running queries and the need for arduous data preparation standing in the way of critical insights," says David Leichner, CMO of SQream.

"What was acceptable for data volumes that existed ten or even five years ago is no longer enough. With the rise of the Massive Data Revolution, we want data practitioners to take an active part in creating a new status quo. By creating an open conversation about the biggest industry challenges, we raise the bar on what the data community expects and demands of data analytics systems and processes."

Professionals across the data pipeline, from CIOs and CDOs to DBAs, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists are invited to share their massive data challenges from their own unique perspectives. Visit this page to learn more about the Massive Data Revolution Video Challenge, and be sure to submit your entry by December 16th.

To learn how your organization can unleash the full power of its massive data, visit sqream.com.