KDnuggets™ News 20:n14, Apr 8: Free Mathematics for Machine Learning eBook; Epidemiology Courses for Data Scientists

Stop Hurting Your Pandas!; Python for data analysis... is it really that simple?!?; Introducing MIDAS: A New Baseline for Anomaly Detection in Graphs; Build an app to generate photorealistic faces using TensorFlow and Streamlit; 5 Ways Data Scientists Can Help Respond to COVID-19 and 5 Actions to Avoid

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KDnuggets wants to say thank you to all people working in the trenches during this pandemic: doctors, nurses, medical researchers, mail carriers, police, firefighters, first responders, pharmacy workers, supermarket clerks, food service providers, truck drivers, everyone in the supply chain, and all others who provide essential services in order to protect the vulnerable, the frontline healthcare workers, and to allow the rest of us to stay and work from home. Thank you!

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Best Free Epidemiology Courses for Data Scientists
From Best Free Epidemiology Courses for Data Scientists