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KDnuggets™ News 20:n19, May 13: Start Your Machine Learning Career in Quarantine; Will Machine Learning Engineers Exist in 10 Years?

Also: The Elements of Statistical Learning: The Free eBook; Explaining "Blackbox" Machine Learning Models: Practical Application of SHAP; What You Need to Know About Deep Reinforcement Learning; 5 Concepts You Should Know About Gradient Descent and Cost Function; Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Models

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This week on KDnuggets: Learn how to start your data science career in quarantine; Will machine learning engineers exist in a decade?; Grab a free copy of The Elements of Statistical Learning; Read about explaining blackbox models with SHAP; Find out what you need to know about deep reinforcement learning; and much more.

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The Elements of Statistical Learning: The Free eBook
From The Elements of Statistical Learning: The Free eBook

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