KDnuggets™ News 20:n24, Jun 17: Easy Speech-to-Text with Python; Data Distributions Overview; Java for Data Scientists

Also: Deploy a Machine Learning Pipeline to the Cloud Using a Docker Container; Five Cognitive Biases In Data Science (And how to avoid them); Understanding Machine Learning: The Free eBook; Simplified Mixed Feature Type Preprocessing in Scikit-Learn with Pipelines; A Complete guide to Google Colab for Deep Learning

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Last week to vote in our latest poll: What was the largest dataset you analyzed / data mined? Don't forget. Vote now!

Also this week: learn about easy speech-to-text with Python; gain an overview of data distributions; read about the top 6 reasons that data scientists should know Java; see how to deploy a machine learning pipeline to the cloud using a docker container; and find out about five cognitive biases in data science (and also how to avoid them).

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Overview of data distributions
From Overview of data distributions