Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Certificate at U. of Chicago

Hands-On Machine Learning Training from UChicago: 5-week remote Machine Learning for Cybersecurity certificate, Mar 30 - Apr 27. Learn from & network with leading faculty/industry leaders, learn data-driven prevention strategies. Group discounts, tuition support.

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Uchicago Machine Learning Cybersecurity

The Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) at the University of Chicago is home to experts in the field of data-driven methods for applied cybersecurity, including machine learning defenses against data breaches, fraud, and other threats.

Join us this March for CDAC’s five-week remote Machine Learning for Cybersecurity certificate, where you’ll get the chance to learn from and network with leading faculty and industry leaders across the science and technology sectors all while learning how to deploy data-driven prevention strategies.

Group discounts and tuition support are available. Introduce yourself to learn more.

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