Knowledge Graph Conference, covering tools, techniques, case studies and more, by experts. May 3-6, Virtual

"A force to be reckoned with" - the who’s who of knowledge graphs will convene at The Knowledge Graph Conference in May.

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Knowledge Graph Conference, May 3, 2021

Conference Summary:

Originally founded at Columbia University in 2019, The Knowledge Graph Conference, May 3-6, 2021 (KGC) is a new voice in this space. Topics such as graph neural networks, graph embeddings and emerging architectures such as Data Mesh and Enterprise Adoption challenges are all covered.

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This year’s conference has four keynotes:

  • Lazlo Barabasi has helped define the field of Network Science and will describe the role of network medicine + knowledge graphs in the journey to uncover the role of individual food molecules in our health.
  • Zhamak Dehghani, will describe the concept of a Data Mesh, a paradigm shift in managing analytical data.
  • Teresa Tung and Neda Abolhassani are applying Knowledge Graphs with Data Mesh for accelerating Data Integration in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Keshav Pingali will talk about building a scale-out platform for seamless, high-performance computing on large graph data sets, in FinTech, Pharma and Manufacturing.

An online Community driven Conference:

KGC went online in 2020 and launched a Community slack channel this summer which now has over 1,300 members globally

KGC by the Numbers:

On May 3-6 2021, KGC returns for a third year and has expanded to include the following:-

65 Talks - on topics ranging from Natural Language Processing to Ontology and Taxonomy Development, Open Source, Open Knowledge Networks, Data mesh, Blockchain, and applications in Life Sciences, Finance, E-Commerce and more.

11 Tutorials - introduction to Knowledge Graphs, Taxonomy, Automated Knowledge Graph Construction, Graphs and Systems Thinking and many more

9 Panels - on Financial services, Life Sciences, NLP, Graph Data Science and more

6 Workshops - on Personal Health Records, Knowledge Graphs for Social Good, Enterprise Adoption, Sustainability, Knowledge Infused Learning, Personalized Knowledge Graphs and Decentralized Identity, and more

KGC is Community Driven and built to create space for interaction and networking. KGC crafts dedicated time slots enabling access to conference speakers into the program.

The program includes multiple special events, such as the second KGC Startup Investor pitch, a joint industry survey results on Knowledge Graphs and wellness events such as meditation and yoga!

Thanks to KGC sponsors: Accenture, Katana Graph, Cambridge Semantics, Ontotext, Oracle, PoolParty, Lymba, Fluree, RelationalAI, AWS, Stardog, TerminusDb, Derwen.AI

Other companies represented include: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, AstraZeneca, Novartis, McKinsey, Finra, Elsevier, Intuit, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Intel and many more. To sign up for KGC May 3-6, please register here.

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