Must-have Chrome Extensions For Machine Learning Engineers And Data Scientists

Browser extensions are a productivity secret weapon for hackers and developers. Many machine learning practitioners use Chrome, and this list features must-have Chrome extensions for machine learning engineers and data scientists that you should check out today.

By Himanshu Ragtah, Cofounder, CatalyzeX.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels.


Arxiv Vanity


ArXiv is used daily by millions of engineers and researchers in the ML industry to read the latest papers. However, it is often dreadful to read it in a pdf. Arxiv Vanity converts the paper into HTML so that it is easy to read and absorb the information.

Source: Image by Arxiv Vanity at chrome webstore.

As you can see, a normally hard to read pdf where you’re straining your eyes, such as:

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.

is made easy to read thanks to Arxiv Vanity:

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.


Code Implementation Finder for ML/AI Papers


This browser extension automatically shows you the code for whatever machine learning/artificial intelligence research paper you’re looking for and wherever you’re looking at (Google, Twitter, Arxiv, Google Scholar, etc.).

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.


Open in Colab


Machine learners often want to jump right into the code implementation and start experimenting. This extension allows you to do just that. Just find the .ipynb file in a GitHub repository of your choice and click on the extension icon.

For example, check out this GitHub repository about demo image classification.

Go on this demo about image classification, and then click on the ‘open in colab’ icon in the extension toolbar. It will open it right in the Colab environment so that you can start experimenting with it.

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.

Source: Image by Himanshu Ragtah.

Source: image by open in colab at chrome webstore.

This extension has over 30,000 installs at the time of this writing!


Instant Data Scraper


Machine learners rely on good quality data for training their models. This extension makes this process a whole lot easier. Check out the video demo where it extracts all the search results.

A machine learning engineer specializing in NLP can use this to extract reviews and ratings from a given site like Yelp. Further, comments and likes can also be extracted, which can be very helpful to those working on sentiment analysis.

For example, the extension can scrape the list of all BBQ restaurants in Omaha, NE from and give you the data in an Excel sheet:

Source: image by instant data scraper.

Source: image by instant data scraper.

Another example is if you’re trying to scrape listings of wheel sellers in the Bay Area from Craigslist.

Source: image by instant data scraper.

Original. Reposted with permission.