SQL, Syllogisms, and Explanations

Check out the Executable English Platform, for self-explaining applications written in English that you can run in your browser.

By Adrian Walker, Executable English

SQL provides a simple way of accessing data, based on a simple table model. It hides many details that Data Science folks would otherwise have to program.

SQL is widely used by application programs written in classical languages such as Java or C. Each application has to be written using technical programming language details that Analysts should not need to know about.

Just as SQL simplifies data access for Data Science, we can support Analysts with a simple platform for writing applications.

Applications of the platform are written as syllogism-like English rules, for example:

  some-person is a man
  that-person is mortal

  person some-CID some-name has  Client Type  Elite in his or her description
  auto policy some-PID includes person that-CID
  there is a person on auto policy that-PID whose client status is Elite

  some-subject is a sub topic of some-subject1
  that-subject1 is a sub topic of some-topic
  that-subject is a sub topic of that-topic

The rules are interpreted declaratively, meaning that shuffling them does not change what they specify. The English vocabulary is open, and so is most of the syntax.

The platform uses the rules to automatically generate and run SQL queries and application code. A bonus is that the platform can explain its results, in English, at the Analyst level.

The platform is live online with many examples. You are invited to write and run your own examples too. Shared use is free, and there are no commercials. Nothing to download, just point a browser to executable-english.com.