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Git for Data Science Cheatsheet

Knowing git is no longer an option for data professionals. Grab this handy reference sheet now and make sure you know how to git the job done.


Do I Need Git?

Git is an open source distributed version control and collaboration tool for developers. As data science, data engineering and machine learning operations become ever more complex, git is becoming one of the most integral and indispensable tools for practitioners in these areas, useful for code and data versioning. Knowing git is no longer an option, and failure to learn it could be holding you back.

Not only does git allow for you and other team members to work on the same code base and have changes integrated seamlessly, git facilitates the tracking of changes to code over time. It also provides a mechanism for testing out development ideas in separate development branches, the results of which can be integrated into the main project if and when desired.

Want to roll back certain features? Not a problem. Interested in trying out feature X without affecting the master branch? Easy. Want to explore a new API design without interfering with what Cathy is working on? Go right ahead. Git is your ally in these pursuits.


Git Cheatsheet

KDnuggets has put together this handy cheatsheet to help you make certain you know the syntax and capabilities of git when using its features. It can be intimidating at first, especially if you aren't familiar, or confident in your abilities, with the terminal. But with a little study and this cheatsheet at your fingertips, nothing will git in your way.

You can download the cheatsheet here.


Git for Data Science Cheatsheet


This sheet covers some of the most used and necessary git operations, including:

  • the basics
  • local code changes
  • branching
  • updating and publishing
  • undoing changes
  • reviewing your work
  • tagging commits


Let us help you help your team by learning git. You've got this!

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Check it out now, and check back soon for more.

If interested, you can read more about these commands and others in the article 14 Essential Git Commands for Data Scientists by Abid Ali Awan.

If using the GUI is more your thing, you might also want to check out Top Free Git GUI Clients for Beginners, also written by Abid, for options on performing much of the above through one of many available slick interfaces.