State of AI Report 2022: Be Prepared for Next Year

Free learning material to prepare you for the world of AI in 2023.

State of AI Report 2022: Be Prepared for Next Year
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As the new year approaches, people will start to write down their New Year resolutions, and make changes to their lifestyle, career, and more. If you are interested in entering the world of data and AI or are already there, prepare with the State of AI Report 2022. 


What is the State of AI Report?


The State of AI Report has been published since 2018, covering the interesting developments in AI and what they expect to come in the following year. The annual report is reviewed by leading AI practitioners within the industry and research sector. 

The aim is to dive deep into the elements of AI, trigger interesting conversations, and learn more about what possible implications AI could raise in the future. 5 years later, on October 11 2022, The State of AI report released their 5th edition: State of AI Report 2022. 

The report consists of the following key dimensions:

  • Research: Breakthroughs within technology and their capabilities.
  • Industry: Application for AI in a commercial aspect and the impact it has on businesses.
  • Politics: Regulation of AI, economic implications and the geopolitics of AI.
  • Safety: Identifying and mitigating the risks that future AI systems could pose.
  • Predictions: What the publishers believe will happen along with a performance review.


Breakdown of the State of AI Report 2022


The report consists of 114 slides, however, I will give you a breakdown of the structure, what to expect and some interesting points. 




You will first start to learn more about the authors and the reviewers of the report. Slides of definitions are also provided to help your reading go smoothly. You will then go into the scorecard which reviews the predictions made in 2021. 


State of AI Report 2022: Be Prepared for Next Year
Image by State of AI Report 2022


Section 1: Research


Below are some interesting points that you will come across during the research section. You will be provided with more information on each of these points, allowing you to go and do some further research on areas of interest. 

  • Reinforcement learning could be a core component of the next fusion breakthrough
  • Teach a machine to fish: tool use as the next frontier?
  • Plastic recycling gets a much-needed ML-engineered enzyme
  • OpenAI uses Minecraft as a testbed for computer-using agents
  • and more


Section 2: Industry


In this section, you will learn more about what’s happening in the industry right now. From hyperscalers to popular startups. You will learn more about Nvidia's position in the market, new partnerships, big tech deals, and more. 


Section 3: Politics


As the development of AI grows, politics will follow its tail. If you are looking to get into the industry, either as a profession or interested in opening a business. Either way, knowing the politics around AI should be part of your knowledge base. 


Section 4: Safety


The safety section is new to the State of AI Report and goes into the risks around AI systems. There have been recent changes in laws around the use and applications of AI in different countries - therefore, understanding the risks around them will be helpful. Interesting topics you will learn about are: 

  • The UK is taking the lead in acknowledging these uncertain but catastrophic risks
  • Measuring moral behavior in artificial agents
  • and more


Section 5: Predictions


Last but not least, the predictions. You will learn about the 9 predictions that the publishers of the report expected in the next 12 months. These 9 predictions will be reviewed next year and will go into the scorecard for review. 




Taking in endless amounts of information can be overwhelming. The State of AI Report is a useful resource to help you keep updated whilst you’re on the go. It focuses on the important parts without the use of extensive paragraphs, exactly what we need to know for the end of this year and into the next.

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