CCC Webinar: Best Practices When Using XML Articles in AI, Machine Learning and Text Mining Projects

Register now for this webinar on Jan. 12 to learn how to simplify the process of using scientific literature within your AI, machine learning, and text mining projects.

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CCC Webinar: Best Practices When Using XML Articles in AI, Machine Learning and Text Mining Projects

To get the most ROI from AI investments, end users at R&D intensive organizations – data scientists, researchers, and information professionals – need the ability to access and interrogate STM articles as seamlessly as possible. But they often face missing information not found in abstracts, significant time and money investments, and copyright hurdles due to inconsistent rights across publishers.

Ask yourself:

  • Are your current practices putting your organization at infringement risk?
  • Do you have a seamless process in place to easily convert PDFs into a machine-readable format?
  • Do you have access to full-text articles or are you relying on abstracts?
  • Is your current process to gain access to a large corpus of scientific articles to train your AI working? 

These are the topics Carl Robinson and Garrett Dintaman will be focused on during a 45-minute virtual session on January 12, 2023, hosted by Copyright Clearance Center. They will share tips and best practices for building an XML corpus and will walk through different retrieval models for XML content to determine what functionality will be most important based on your organization’s needs. 

Register here. 


  • Carl Robinson has been in publishing since 1995 and has worked for Pearson Education, Macmillan Education and Oxford University Press. At CCC, Carl’s focus as Corporate Solutions Director is helping clients look at business vision, goals and strategies around their content and tooling to enable flexibility and readiness to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital market.
  • Garrett Dintaman is CCC’s Associate Product Manager and Product Owner for RightFind XML. He focuses on client needs and use cases related to text and data mining, data processing pipelines, and analytics.

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