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  • 35 Open Source tools for Internet of Things

    ...s- Lights up when dark and changes color automatically. Step by step tutorial with full source code! 2. Eclipse IoT Project Have you heard of the Lua programming language yet? Eclipse is sponsoring several different projects surrounding IoT. They include application frameworks and services; open...

  • DevOps for Data Scientists: Taming the Unicorn

    ...When people start out as self-taught programmers, a lot of the times we think about creating an application that simply... How to make your Software Development experience… painless…. Working at all forms of organizations (from large software development oriented to niche start ups to academic...

  • Quantum Machine Learning: A look at myths, realities, and future projections, shortest path algorithms, boosted regression, and even statistical models like generalized linear models. However, designing these algorithms and programming them requires not only a strong background in math and programming but also a strong enough background in quantum physics to design the...

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