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  • Working with Big Data: Tools and Techniques

    Where do you start in a field as vast as big data? Which tools and techniques to use? We explore this and talk about the most common tools in big data.

  • Skills to Build for Data Engineering">Silver BlogSkills to Build for Data Engineering

    This article jumps into the latest skill set observations in the Data Engineering Job Market which could definitely add a boost to your existing career or assist you in starting off your Data Engineering journey.

  • Practical Apache Spark in 10 Minutes

    Check out this series of articles on Apache Spark. Each part is a 10 minute tutorial on a particular Apache Spark topic. Read on to get up to speed using Spark.

  • UnitedHealth Group: Health Care Data Analytics Consultant [Minnetonka, MN]

    UnitedHealth Group is seeking a Health Care Data Analytics Consultant in Minnetonka, MN to engage in client communications for all important functions including data understanding/exploration, strategizing solutions etc, and to build personal rapport to be able to influence client thinking, and decision making.

  • UnitedHealth Group: Big Data Engineering Lead (Eden Prairie, MN)

    Seeking strong leaders who are collaborative, self -starters, take ownership / accountability and drive results. The Lead Big Data Engineer will involve managing one or more Scrum teams, provide technical leadership and work with Product Owners/Functional experts and Senior Management.

  • Foot Locker: Sr Architect – Data Engineering

    Seeking a candidate to focus on understanding the enterprise data vision and ensuring that various cross-functional teams are aligning their data initiatives to this overall vision.

  • Foot Locker: Sr Solutions Architect – Machine Learning and AI Technologies

    Seeking a candidate to lead the data driven transformation of Foot Locker in partnership with members of the data, CX and infrastructure teams.  This role has end-to-end responsibilities for our ML/AI/Cognitive platform - from design, thru technical specification, to delivery.

  • Foot Locker: Sr Solutions Architect (Personalization/Adobe Technologies)

    Seeking a candidate to lead the data driven transformation of Foot Locker in partnership with members of the data, CX and infrastructure teams.  This role has end-to-end responsibilities for our Digital Analytics platform - from design, thru technical specification, to delivery.

  • UnitedHealth: Sr Director, Data Science – Advanced Research & Analytics

    Seeking a Senior Director of Data Science, responsible for defining our analytic strategy, driving analytic innovation and delivering data science solutions across a variety of domains within UnitedHealthcare.  The Senior Director of Data Science will manage our team of data scientists deployed across several business domains.

  • Celgene: Director, Big Data Ops Lead

    Seeking a Big Data DevOps Lead. The role will establish and manage the operational services necessary to ensure proper management of the platform health and to support ongoing use of the platform for business insights generation.

  • Why the Data Scientist and Data Engineer Need to Understand Virtualization in the Cloud

    This article covers the value of understanding the virtualization constructs for the data scientist and data engineer as they deploy their analysis onto all kinds of cloud platforms. Virtualization is a key enabling layer of software for these data workers to be aware of and to achieve optimal results from.

  • Top 10 Amazon Books in Data Mining, 2016 Edition">Silver BlogTop 10 Amazon Books in Data Mining, 2016 Edition

    Given the ongoing explosion in interest for all things Data Mining, Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, etc., we have updated our Amazon top books lists from last year. Here are the 10 most popular titles in the Data Mining category.

  • Top 12 Interesting Careers to Explore in Big Data

    From data driven strategies to decision making, the true worth of Big Data has been realized, and has led to opening up of amazing career choices. Check out these 12 interesting careers to explore in Big Data.

  • The top 5 Big Data courses to help you break into the industry

    Here is an updated and in-depth review of top 5 providers of Big Data and Data Science courses: Simplilearn, Cloudera, Big Data University, Hortonworks, and Coursera

  • Apache Spark Key Terms, Explained

    An overview of 13 core Apache Spark concepts, presented with focus and clarity in mind. A great beginner's overview of essential Spark terminology.

  • Hadoop Key Terms, Explained

    An straightforward overview of 16 core Hadoop ecosystem concepts. No Big Picture discussion, just the facts.

  • IBM: Big Data Architect

    Seeking qualified candidates that will assist with shaping the design and implementation of Big Data projects as part of multi-disciplinary technical teams.

  • Scotiabank (Toronto): Data Scientist

    Work with business lines and stakeholders to find opportunities to drive business value by leveraging Data Science and Big Data. Deploy models and algorithms in production, across different channels and customer platforms.

  • Top Big Data Processing Frameworks

    A discussion of 5 Big Data processing frameworks: Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Storm, and Samza. An overview of each is given and comparative insights are provided, along with links to external resources on particular related topics.

  • Data Lake Plumbers: Operationalizing the Data Lake

    Gain insight into data lakes, their benefits, when they are appropriate, and how to operationalize them. How do they compare to the data warehouse?

  • SanDisk: Senior Big Data Engineer/Hadoop Developer

    Planning and designing next-generation Big Data System architectures, managing the development and deployment of Hadoop applications.

  • Hadoop and Big Data: The Top 6 Questions Answered

    6 questions surrounding Hadoop and Big Data are posed and answered, including those related to implementation, management, and practical uses. Find out where Hadoop currently sits in the world of Big Data.

  • SanDisk: Senior Staff Hadoop Developer

    Planning and designing next-generation Big Data System architectures, managing the development and deployment of Hadoop applications.

  • Hackerday – Stay Updated in your Career through Hands-On Projects

    Hackerday is a platform at DeZyre – which allows you to come together as a group, code and work on day long hackathons, where you will be guided by an industry expert, as you are coding. Next Hackerday session Nov 21.

  • Spark SQL for Real-Time Analytics

    Apache Spark is the hottest topic in Big Data. This tutorial discusses why Spark SQL is becoming the preferred method for Real Time Analytics and for next frontier, IoT (Internet of Things).

  • Simplilearn: Big Data, Analytics online courses discount, Free ebook

    The role of a Data Scientist is ever evolving and a candidate with up-to-date skills will be preferred over their peers across industries. Learn SAS, Hadoop, R, Big Data, and Analytics skills with Simplilearn online courses, special discount until May 30.

  • Big Data Bootcamp, Austin: Day 3 Highlights

    Highlights from the presentations by Big Data and Analytics leaders/consultants on day 3 of Big Data Bootcamp in Austin.

  • Simplilearn Big Data and Analytics Courses – CAREER30

    Get Big Data and Analytics certification - a big plus for your career - with Simplilearn courses on Analytics, Big Data, Hadoop, SAS, R, Cloud Computing, and more, now at 30% discounted prices until Mar 30.

  • Simplilearn Big Data and Analytics Online Courses

    Be Big Data Ready - get 30% Off Simplilearn Big Data and Analytics Online Courses with code FEB30A, valid till 28 Feb 2015.

  • KDnuggets™ News 15:n05, Feb 11: Annual Salary Poll; 10 things statistics teaches about Big Data; Data Science Jargon

    KDnuggets Annual Analytics/Data Science salary poll; 10 things statistics taught us about big data analysis; Data Science's Most Used, Confused, and Abused Jargon; Top 30 people in Big Data and Analytics; and more news, software, opinions, interviews, webcasts, courses, jobs, academic, publications, top tweets, and CFP.

  • How Big Data Pieces, Technology, and Animals fit together

    How Big Data Pieces and animals fit together: MapReduce, HDFS, Apache Spark,, Pregel, Zookeeper, Flume, Hive, Pig, and more, explained by a Quora (and past Facebook) Data Scientist.

  • simplilearn Big Data & Analytics Certification Courses Online, 30% off till Jan 31

    Use Coupon code - JAN30A to save 30% off on all online self learning Big Data and Analytics courses, including Analytics, Hadoop, R, and SAS. Valid till Jan 31.

  • Simplilearn Big Data and Analytics courses, 30% off

    Keep pace with the competition - upgrade your Big Data and Analytics skills with Simplilearn online courses in Cloud computing, Hadoop, SAS, R and more, now 30% off until Dec 31, 2014.

  • R and Hadoop make Machine Learning Possible for Everyone

    R and Hadoop make machine learning approachable enough for inexperienced users to begin analyzing and visualizing interesting data to start down the path in this lucrative field.

  • MassMutual: Data Engineer

    An exceptional data engineer to build and maintain big data infrastructure to support the development of a strategic data asset and the execution of data science projects.

  • Big Data and Hadoop, Big Data Boot Camp LA

    Big Data Boot Camp LA provided attendees a comprehensive understanding of Big Data and Hadoop technologies. Sujee Maniyam provided a good technical overview of Hadoop and current trends. We provide key takeaways.

  • Interview: Taylor Phillips, Square on Why Finance Needs Machine Learning and Data Science

    We discuss the role of data science at Square, common machine learning use cases, transition to real-time architecture, major challenges, expectations from data science, key qualities for data scientists, and more.

  • 18 essential Hadoop tools

    Hadoop tools develop at a rapid rate, and keeping up with the latest can be difficult. Here we detail 18 of the most essential tools that work well with Hadoop.

  • Apple: iAd – Senior Software Engineer

    Apple advertising is redefining the advertising experience on mobile devices. Be part of a dynamic team building high performance and scalable applications.

  • AT&T: Lead Product Development Mgr, Big Data Algorithms and Insights

    Lead advanced analytics, novel algorithms, interactions with scientific teams currently working on products for the Consumer Insights Platform / Big Data team.

  • AT&T: Lead Product Development Engineer Big Data CIP IT Systems

    Work closely with the Director of Product Development to lead all aspects of Big Data CIP systems architecture design, technical implementation and product deployment.

  • Big Data ETL Developer

    Big Data and Data Mining is impacting Bosch products and services in Predictive Maintenance, Health Informatics, Vehicle Diagnostics, and many other areas. We expect our team of data scientists and software engineers to grow rapidly, so come join us!

  • Big Data Analyst

    Join a passionate team of entrepreneurs, be on the cutting edge of big data development and predictive modeling, interpret health data to bridge the gap with hospitals, health systems, payers, and patients.

  • Lead Analytics Engineer

    You'll be building a scalable, near real time analytics platform that brings insight to one of the world's most interesting data sets. You will be responsible for providing technical leadership and direction to a team that is foundational to Knewton success.

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, May 3-5: Social network analysis of Boston Marathon Bomber; Hadoop Toolbox: When to use what

    What social network analysis says about Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; Hadoop Toolbox: When to use what - a guide to Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Flum; TweetMap - a fantastic tool to visualize and map tweets in real-time (goodbye, privacy?); 5 free Excel add-ins to help analyze #BigData

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