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PhD Student, Mixing Meta-Modeling and Data-Mining

Ph. D. Research on mixing meta-modeling and data-mining for explicit modeling of user traces, digital footprints and online reputation. Funding is available for 36 months.

U. Haute AlsaceAt: U. Haute Alsace
Location: France

PhD Thesis Proposal: Mixing Meta-Modeling and Data-Mining for Explicit Modeling of User Traces, Digital Footprints and Online Reputation

Supervisors: Pr. Pierre-Alain Muller, Dr. Frédéric Fondement, Dr. Germain Forestier
Contact: (

  • Location: MIPS-LSI Research Group, Universite de Haute Alsace
  • Expected start time: October 2013
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Keywords: Meta-Modeling, Data-Mining
  • Funding: French Government Research Grant (approximately 1300€ net per month including French health care coverage).

Scientific Objective
Meta-modeling is a branch of software engineering concerned with analysis and synthesis of models (descriptions of real world phenomena). The overall goal of data-mining is to extract information from a data sets and transform it into understandable structures for further use.

The scientific objective of this PhD thesis proposal is to investigate how meta-modeling and data-mining might complement themselves.

Application Field
MIPS has been involved in several tracking campaigns within the Internet, and has gathered huge amounts of behavioral data which will serve as experimental ground for this PhD thesis.

“You” was chosen in 2006 as Time magazine “Person of the Year”. Since then, on-line presence of individual never stopped to grow. Data generated from on-line interactions continues to explode: social platform, e-commerce, on-line video game, blogs, etc. The challenge is to turn the raw data collected into actionable insights.

New approaches, tools and methods are now needed to help users to master they on-line identity, and for marketers to benefit from this great amount of information to gain competitive edges. The application field for this PhD thesis might therefore be online marketing.


  • Applicants must have a degree in Computer Science, or in a related study, with excellent results
  • Applicants might have an experience in either meta-modeling or data-mining
  • Appliccants must be able to demonstrate interest in scientific research
  • Applicants must have proven writing skills in English (Knowledge of French is not a prerequisite, work will be conducted in English)

For more information and to apply, visit

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