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Helsinki: Postdoc Positions in Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data

Aalto U. and U. of Helsinki are looking for several researchers in Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Big Data Processing, Machine Learning, and related areas. Apply by Oct 12, 2014.

Helsinki At: Helsinki
Location: Finland

Postdoctoral Positions in Computer Science in Helsinki, Finland

Application deadline October 12, 2014

Topics include: Algorithms, Augmented Research, Bioinformatics, Big Data, Distributed Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Logic, Machine Learning, System Design, etc.

More info at:

Why Helsinki? The collaborating Aalto University and University of Helsinki form a leading hub of computer science and modeling. Helsinki region is a safe, pleasant and attractive place to live in, with well-functioning services such as public transport etc. Finland has a comprehensive social security and health care system, including exceptionally good parental leaves and children's day care services.

Group leaders: Professor Keijo Heljanko, Dr. Antti Honkela, Professor Giulio Jacucci, Docent Tomi Janhunen, Professor Samuel Kaski, Professor Harri Lahdesmaki, Professor David McGookin, Professor Petri Myllymaki, Professor Jukka Suomela, Professor Hannu Toivonen and Professor Stavros Tripakis.

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