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UTexas: PhD Positions – help shape the future of research in data mining

PhD student applicants sought to help shape the future of data mining and its applications at the School of Information at UT Austin. Applications due by December 15th.

UTexas At: U. of Texas
Location: Austin, TX
Position: PhD Positions

By Matt Lease, Nov 2014.

The University of Texas at Austin invites applications from talented and energetic prospective students wanting to help shape the future of research in data mining and its applications. UT Austin is one of the premier research universities in the US and is located in one of the country's sunniest and most vibrant cities in which to live and work, Austin.

I have openings in my own lab to fully-support new students particularly interested in related research in human computation / crowdsourcing and/or information retrieval.

My colleague Byron Wallace (also both iSchool and CS-affiliated) is also doing great work in data mining, active learning, natural language processing, and evidence based medicine.

PhD Applications for our School of Information (iSchool), ranked 6th nationally, are due ***December 15th***.

While we do not guarantee consideration of late applications, the closer to the deadline an application is received, the greater the likelihood that it will be considered.

If you have never heard about iSchools before, read more about them:

The UT Austin School of Information is committed to making a difference in the world by designing information management solutions that are accessible, useful, usable, and sustainable. To increase scientific understanding of the role and impact of information in all human endeavors, we study problems and develop solutions for better information design, management, organization, preservation, and retrieval.

Our curriculum allows individual programs of study to be tailored to meet each student's diverse research interests, preparing all students to become high quality, high-impact researchers in their targeted areas of interest.

I came to the UT Austin iSchool with a PhD in Computer Science and have found it to be a great place to be.  iSchools have plenty of computing research opportunities (and more) to offer!

In comparison to the iSchool, the CS department tends to have even more applicants, so CS admissions tends to be even more competitive. It's okay to apply to both iSchool and CS programs; each has its own separate admissions process, as well as beautiful new facilities in which to work and study.

UT Austin uses a centralized application process, which means I do not get to decide whether or not to accept a given applicant. The admissions committee will review all applications and make a holistic evaluation of each applicant's overall potential for excellence in research.

We look forward to receiving your application and hope you will be able to join us at UT Austin next Fall!

Matt Lease
Assistant Professor
School of Information & Dept. of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

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