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About Anmol Rajpurohit

Anmol is an experienced software developer with focus on Cloud Monitoring and Reliability. As a Senior Software Engineer in Splunk Enterprise Cloud, he oversees the monitoring and alerting pipelines across all Splunk Cloud stacks. Besides software development, he is actively involved with product management and data science. Before joining Splunk, he led the development and maintenance of several tools for performance engineering, data science, and predictive analytics at Salesforce. He holds a MS in CS from UC Irvine.

Anmol Rajpurohit Posts (326)

  • Strata 2014 Santa Clara: Highlights of Day 3 (Feb 13) - 28 Feb 2014
    Strata 2014 was a great conference, and here are key insights from some of the best sessions on day 3: Data Journalism, Analytics over Real-time Streaming Data, Facebook Graph Analysis with One Trillion Edges, Socializing Search by LinkedIn.
  • Strata 2014 Santa Clara: Highlights of Day 2 (Feb 12) - 27 Feb 2014
    Strata 2014 was a great conference, and here are key insights from some of the best sessions on day 2: Big Data Vendor Landscape, Machine Learning for Social Change, Secrets of Gertrude Stein, and Facebook Exascale Analytics.
  • Qualitative Analytics: Why numbers do not tell the complete story? - 21 Feb 2014
    Data scientists love numbers, yet not all data is numerical. Qualitative analytics should not be ignored, especially given the unique value it provides.
  • Is data mining the new tool for gamers seeking pre-launch secrets? - 20 Feb 2014
    Despite great data analytics capabilities, gaming companies are facing an interesting data mining challenge from an unexpected end – their audience.
  • Strata 2014: Highlights from Keynote Speeches - 17 Feb 2014
    Highlights from keynote speeches delivered by various eminent big data technology leaders from industry and academia at Strata 2014 Conference held in Santa Clara recently.
  • Big Data for Business Managers - 23 Jan 2014
    Why do Big Data projects fail to deliver the promised value, that too despite the “clearly” established potential? What should business managers do to avoid the media hype and focus on achieving sustainable benefits from big data investments?

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