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Anmol Rajpurohit is a graduate student (MS, Computer Science) at UC, Irvine. He is former Software Development Intern at Salesforce. His areas of interest are data science, machine learning and information retrieval. His novel analytics solution for online education was the runner-up at UCLA Developer's Contest 2014. His research work on "Big Data for Business Managers: Bridging the gap between potential and value" was selected for IEEE BigData 2013 conference.

Editor Anmol Posts (148)

  • INFORMS Conference on The Business of Big Data, San Jose, June 22-24 - 04 Feb 2014
    The new INFORMS conference would help Analytics Professionals and Operations Researchers to get from data discovery to real business value. Sign up now at the early rates.
  • CMSR Data Miner and Rule-Engine Software Suite – free academic use - 04 Feb 2014
    CMSR - Cramer Modeling, Segmentation and Rules - is data miner and rule-engine suite having rule-engines as a unique feature. Rule-engines provide rule-based predictive model evaluation.
  • useR 2014: attend, sponsor R Analytics and Data Science conference - 01 Feb 2014
    Open invitation to attend and sponsor the main annual event of the R community, the useR! conference to be held in Los Angeles on Jul 1-3.
  • AltaPlana 2014 Text Analytics Market Study - 31 Jan 2014
    KDnuggets, a media sponsor of a 2014 text-analytics market study conducted by leading industry analyst Seth Grimes, invites all text analytics users to take part in this survey. Please respond by Feb 21.
  • R2: Data Scientist - 30 Jan 2014
    Looking for a data scientist with the curiosity to derive new insights from data and the drive to deliver that insight into production, to help our clients to transform their practice in the industry.
  • NYU Center for Data Science: Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellows - 30 Jan 2014
    Fellows are expected to lead independent, original research programs with impact in natural or social science and in one or more domains (computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics). Apply by Feb 6.
  • ACM SIGSPATIAL Cup 2014, GIS-focused algorithm competition - 30 Jan 2014
    This contest will focus on the important problem of map generalization, a commonly used concept in creating maps of different scales.
  • More Data Mining with Weka - 30 Jan 2014
    This online course teaches both principles and practical data mining techniques, lets students work on very big datasets, classify text, experiment with clustering, and much more.
  • Statwing, Modern Data Analysis Software - 30 Jan 2014
    Every decision maker in the organization needs to be capable of analyzing data, but most tools require a lot of mundane and time-consuming data cleaning. Statwing solves that problem and lets you focus on data analysis.
  • Determining the Value of Insights - 30 Jan 2014
    With the value of Consumer Insights being questioned to justify ROI, the Market Research professionals need to figure out ways to quantify the value of those insights. Determining the value of insights is no easy task and requires focus on three key components.

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