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Data Enthusiast & Big Data Developer. Currently a Data science grad student. @KDNuggets contributing editor. #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning

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  • Top Datapreneurs in data science - 04 Sep 2015
    A datapreneur is an entrepreneur focused on data science. Here is a great list of datapreneurs who created Data Products, Data Science Services, Data Science Training/Education, and Data Science Communities.
  • Information Management 10 IT Security Books for Big Data Scientists - 20 Aug 2015
    As the big data and cybersecurity markets converge with one another, each of these books examines new threats and new opportunities for data scientists who want to analyze and safeguard data.
  • Top 30 Social Network Analysis and Visualization Tools - 01 Jun 2015
    We review major tools and packages for Social Network Analysis and visualization, which have wide applications including biology, finance, sociology, network theory, and many other domains.

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