About Favio Vazquez

Favio Vazquez is a physicist and computer engineer working on Data Science and Computational Cosmology. He has a passion for science, philosophy, programming, and music. He is the creator of Ciencia y Datos, a Data Science publication in Spanish. He loves new challenges, working with a good team and having interesting problems to solve. He is part of Apache Spark collaboration, helping in MLlib, Core and the Documentation. He loves applying his knowledge and expertise in science, data analysis, visualization, and automatic learning to help the world become a better place.

Favio Vazquez Posts (25)

  • Deep Learning With Apache Spark: Part 1 - 18 Apr 2018
    First part on a full discussion on how to do Distributed Deep Learning with Apache Spark. This part: What is Spark, basics on Spark+DL and a little more.
  • Silver BlogA “Weird” Introduction to Deep Learning - 30 Mar 2018
    There are amazing introductions, courses and blog posts on Deep Learning. But this is a different kind of introduction.
  • Gold BlogThe Two Sides of Getting a Job as a Data Scientist - 07 Mar 2018
    Are you a Data Scientist looking for a Job? Are you a Recruiter looking for a Data Scientist? If you answered yes or NO to this questions you need to read this.
  • My Journey into Deep Learning - 30 Jan 2018
    In this post I’ll share how I’ve been studying Deep Learning and using it to solve data science problems. It’s an informal post but with interesting content (I hope).
  • Machine Learning with Optimus on Apache Spark - 30 Nov 2017
    The way most Machine Learning models work on Spark are not straightforward, and they need lots of feature engineering to work. That’s why we created the feature engineering section inside the Optimus Data Frame Transformer.