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Francesco Corea is a Tech investor, AI evangelist, Complexity Scientist, and Speaker. He was on Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance & VC. He is based in Madrid area, Spain.

Francesco Corea Posts (13)

  • What You Are Too Afraid to Ask About Artificial Intelligence (Part I): Machine Learning - 07 Dec 2016
    In the first of a 2 part series, this post will briefly discuss major advancements in pure machine learning techniques - while a followup post will similarly treat neuroscience - both with an agnostic lens.
  • 13 Forecasts on Artificial Intelligence - 15 Nov 2016
    Once upon a time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the future. But today, human wants to see even beyond this future. This article try to explain how everyone is thinking about the future of AI in next five years, based on today’s emerging trends and developments in IoT, robotics, nanotech and machine learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence Classification Matrix - 03 Nov 2016
    There might be several different ways to think around machine intelligence startups; too narrow of a framework might be counterproductive given the flexibility of the sector and the facility of transitioning from one group to another. Check out this categorization matrix.

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